Independent Wrestling

Independent Wrestling- 2012
Jason Pratley
    On Saturday April 7th at 7:00 PM, some people were at home with their families before the coming Easter holiday, others may have been celebrating Passover with a seder dinner. Perhaps some were just at home like any other Saturday. Yet at that time over 50 or 60 people were attending an independent wrestling show at the heirloom arts theater in Danbury CT.
    The Ring was set up in the small darkly lit hall of the heirloom with ample space for spectators on the floor as well as in the balcony bar. The stage cut one side of the ring off, yet it was used anyway by both wrestlers and the band, Remarkably Average, which played during the intermission. As people found their way in, a buzz of excitement circled the sizable gathering as they waited for their favorite champions to battle for their entertainment. The Empty ring hung quiet and luminescent until the first ringing of the bell shattered the world into chaos and disorder.
    The independent wrestling organization “Interspecies wrestling” or ISW had for the second time produced once again the one and only Bonnner Jam! Their website attested to the fact that “Bonner Jam, the second coming” would contain neither “boners” nor “comings”, but was just good clean fun for all ages.
    Mat Ack, one of the main organizers of the event, said that Its odd and, to some, off-putting name came about after the previous champion’s tag team partner. The champion “Twiggy”  had a partner named “Boner Jam” and the name was stolen as a joke.  It was said to attest to the, ridiculousness and zany antics that would ensue.
    Mat had this to say, “What we want is for someone who has no idea what is going to happen or even be a fan of wrestling to go hand have a good time anyway if we can get 100 people to come to an event called boner jam, then we know we are doing something right.”
    Much to this writer’s surprise, the Independent wrestling gambit has a fairly large following of people .  The first indication was the line stretching nearly to the parking lot.
    Kaitlin Diemond drove nearly 7 hours from Buffalo just to get there. Kaitlin is a Canadian citizen where she sais that ISW organizes events in her homeland where she also participates.
“Oh yeah, its all over Canada” Said Katlin “im used to going to Quebec or Ontario, its cool that its down here.”. When asked why she enjoys independent wrestling she said, “It is the best combination of Physicality and drama. When I was younger I thought that there was just the wrestling on TV”  
Kaitlyn, who is also a wrestler, said that she had got into it because of her brother. “When I was little I just had to do whatever my brother did, but the difference was that he lost interest and I never did.” Kaitlin had been participating in Karate and Drama since she was three years old, and she began training to be a wrestler since she was 14  .
She wrestles now in Canada, but she came down with her friend Jodi D’Milo who fought Addy Starr in the fourth round to show her support.

The first match was a one-on-one for the title where, recovering addict from rehab, Pinky Sanchez, faced off against, the Axe (deodorant) wielding, Frankie Aryan.
 In a series of insults and retorts, the two broke into fighting before the bell and proceeded to throw, body slam, elbow, clothesline and suplex for a good 5 minutes before a dive knocked the two from the ring. Smacks and Jabs were thrown as the two battled around the ring and onto the stage where Pinkey proceeded to play the Remarkably Average’s drums with Frankie’s head.  A retort from Frankie rendered the two incapacitated for a moment before Frankie was thrown from the stage, over the ropes and back onto the ring while Pinky fell between the stage and the ring, nearly on top of several spectators.
    The match proceeded with Frankie claiming to support “the responsible use of drugs” where Pinky attested to the “power of Jesus”. Their arguing was cheered with chants of “drugs” and “jesus” by the rowdy crowd who could not be contained as the two commenced to bash each other.
Frankie’s attempted to break Pinky of his new strait edge lifestyle by throwing a cigarette box of “cocaine” into his face. Pinky was down for a moment in disbelief, but within a few moments Pinky was repeatedly elbow slamming Frankie with unrelenting blows to a chorus of “SHAZAM!” with each hit.   
Surprisingly the overall victor was Frankie when he pinned pinky after a leap from the corner of the ring.
The event continued with many different people and wrestlers which included a baguette wielding chef, a Zombified Frankenstein, a panda vs a serial killer, a hobo, lobster, and a Japanese fighting expert,  as well as many others who fail to come to mind. Such things as keyboards, golf clubs, wiffleballs taped to wiffleball bats, Barbie dolls, a boogie board, cantaloupes, pictures, and Chicken wings were used as various weapons at one point or another. Not to mention the table slamming finale.
After the event I had a chance to talk with Frankie Aryan.
 “think of a wrestler as an independent contractor.  There are various organizations all over, of which ISW is one, and we travel around to where shows are happening or we get calls from previous places.” Apparently Frankie had to attended a wrestling school for around 5 years before becoming an independent wrestler what is what he is doing for a living now. He had this to say, “I love it, but you get out of it what you put in. Sometimes I hate it, when you have a bad match or things aren’t going right, but I think its worth every minute.”
Even the referees were legitimate. Anthony Greene, a independent wrestling ref, said that he’s been through Boston and Ohio between different organizations regulating fights. “this one is all he he ho ha, but its good”.
The heirloom arts theater has seen ISW events three times before in the past, and Mat Ack says that while the next one may not be a boner jam, it will certainly be happening again. “Independent wrestling has a Diehard following of crazy yet creative and passionate people, and we’ve been lucky enough to carve ourselves a niche in the world where we can express our energy in a fun and different way.”


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