Subtlety is Everything

Subtlety is everything
People are removed from depth.
So I wont say anything deep to you.
Because we have been there before, we have ridden into the winding corridors and through the trailing fields of stars.
Its soooo pase now right?
But the formula has never changed.
That transcendental clockwork God, communicating to us through nature. Different ways to explain things. Different perspectives.
into the vast coolness.
Swim breathless, far into that unknown aimlessness
And find
And find
Find Everything.
Love, hate, fear, sadness, ecstasy, gravity, pulse, rhythm, systems, forces, fractaling. A beat echoing through time and space. The chemical reaction we make, and the great organism of the world. The world as in all potential.
But I wont talk deep
I cant do it. For the endless meaning of words becomes second nature parsimony.
So I wont go through the effort.
I can be the usher, but no man can be the true explainer.
You explain yourself. And I will silently walk and smile in the wind.
Like dust
or an aroma.
But now you see
I cannot be
The crafter of the -ism’s tale
But rather, I, you will find
Am not a man at all.
I am words on a page.
I am a container,
Set upon a stage,
And I am just a retainer,
Built to withstand the power before it fades,
And I am an entertainer,
For it is the best excuse.


     Light and screens dominate our world.
Great deceivers and illusions
Magic? Of course
Some would laugh at that
But look at what we can do and tell me it is not
Because science is m-

I’m not gonna talk deep to you.
No, I offer no wisdom here. I impart nothing to you just as you would impart nothing from me.
I will only give you what I think you expect to hear:

And light flutters of water droplets fall from the sky, they fall upon your cheek, that supple round dip of skin. They cling to your fibers and your smile shines into my soul.

But then as time does, the droplets fill the valleys. They start to bloat the rivers and rush the streams. The water rises and fills the field, it fills the hill, the cliff the mountain.

And you are filled and so waterlogged with time, with life, that you burst through lyses. And float through the filled up water.

So there you go. Its all there, Life, Death, Beauty, Happiness, and something terrible but perhaps it is not.
Ah, but I’m not scoring any points for pulling you out of that. Or putting you in.
I wont talk deep.



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