Life is not a process of getting to some plateau where everything is fine and every objective is completed. Society isn’t some entity that will solve all of our problems. Once a problem in the past is dealt with a new one arises. A triumph in the moment becomes the watermark of your trajectory and you wonder if that really was a triumph or something that makes you worse off in the end.  You are constantly battling the forces around you, who these other people are and what’s expected of you while at the same time you battle yourself  in whether you’re making the right decisions. What type of person  you are becoming, who have you become takes on a dark beast inside of you. In the moment you feel that you are exactly who you want to be and are comfortable, there is always lingering that something might be missing.

At the same time all those around you try to pick apart what you really are.

Maybe the ancient Nords had the right mentality. Not necessarily going off and killing people, but sallying forth into the world with your armor and sword just for the joy of playing the game of life.  I sometimes wish I could just detach myself a bit more or take on a more concrete philosophy.

The High points come with the low and vice Versa. perspective is everything, but when things don’t line up, and the world is all around you and you know it could just continue on without you just fine. When love is beyond your grasp and your looking for something better than all the bullshit rules of engagement. Or when the place you’re in grows stale and those ideas and theories that were full of passion have become something else. When you look back at times in your life with regret and fear for the future. That is when the enduring spirit must come through you.

Words have meaning, and even though people exaggerate now more than ever, when someone is sad, they are in a low place. If things feel as though they are falling apart around you, or that no one cares, or that you can never become anything greater than where you think you are.

Remember that there is greatness within you. You hold all the potential of the universe to make things happen. Even the sick and dying have more effect on the world than those who live in their neat little spheres of life. Life is not always a high point and whether it is others or yourself that you are battling, you are the hero of your own saga.

And you have the strength.


Live on and fight!


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