The significance of dreams

We are not only completely not in the world we think we live in, we see vivid and sometimes startling hallucinations, and then we shrug them off and probably forget most of them anyway to pursue a world in which the only real difference is that we are all just a little more used to how it works.

I know I’m someone who never really remembers dreams but every once in a while you’re just in some other world where the  limitations and rules just don’t apply. Not that this is news to anyone, we are all familiar with the phenomena, but that 1% that sticks with you, that 1% of the time where you wake up and the strange images and writings and languages are all still reeling in your memory as if it happened years ago but just then.

It’s disorienting when you have things to do in the next five minutes where a second before you were somehow flying through multidimensional riffs, talking to old friends, or trying to understand a clock, moving through strange spaces which don’t make sense, and wading through the lapse of each thought and image building off each other at super speed.

To go from that to, walking somewhere, talking to people, making real decisions, it’s something that will put a strange contemplative uncertainty on the memories that relates to: “just a dream” and shrug it off, or something you should try to hold on to. How does that effect my life? why did that 1% happen today?

You can really relate the “just a dream” philosophy to other similar experiences. Should something found in an altered state be taken for face value or do we need to pick the truths we like to hear? Maybe it’s all truth in some way, even the nonsense, what if especially the nonsense?

Well I’m not gonna get all 1000 level philosophy on you but it’s just something to think about.

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