The Sea

At what point do we realize that we defy the elements around us.
and at what point do we stop beating the drums and we let the chaos surround us.


What’s stopping you from breaking free and declaring the world’s insidious.

patrolling notions that we care not for the weakness,

of the tattered emotions: alone in the sea driving into the ocean,

trying to throw dice in the grips of the vices like their loaded.


The world slides across the glass and if you look hard you can start to see the grass,

in the reflection of the sun on the spangled dresser.

Alone, the world gets a little heavier, the nights seem to become lesser.

The haze of people and the thumping beat,

drowns out the sorrows of the loneliness where we must retreat.


And as you take another pull the people seem a little shadier, the night grows a little angrier.

Looking around the silence of  the glitter, the broth in the soup we seek grows thicker.


Trying to find the one in the alphabet, Let’s us just be,

Well i suppose you keep paddling into that sea,

not just for pleasure or pain but to find what the hell we’re on.

and if you need something to keep you going how can that be wrong?


If you take my hand I’ll take yours too and we’ll drift away into the wide open blue.


The space and breath of time is a cyclical fallacy

contradictions roll across our tongues and vaporize  instantaneously

peace is a turbulence all of it’s own and freedom’s the chain that’s rolling the stone.


One plus one is two but If you take my hand I’ll take yours too.


And at what point is the frame rate gonna slow down

and the trails that rise from our minds wont assail us down

and At what point can we stop the creation

and when do we realize it’s all just instantaneous gratification.


At what point do we realize that we defy the elements around us.
and at what point do the drums stop beating and we let the chaos surround us.


If you take my hand I’ll take yours too

Wind and Rain

I am as wind through grass,

I am as water in the rain

I am nothing

And for any substance

I ask and seek

For any meaning

For relief to the pains that live in all that breaths

I ask and seek in the dark

That I am a shade upon the earth

to watch and view all

within and without

to see the days pass

People aggregate and People disperse

An Open Window in WInter.


Long since winter’s fall

the snow grim and cold

frigid on rooftops and bent branches

crusting shell of white on the ground


In a dark classroom

streams of light fall across faces and desks

talking in biological dissection

of poetry

Enveloped in ideas

of fallen leaves and uncorseted housewives

of important wheelbarrows and flopping breasts

The dull grey recourse of hashed out ideas

Solid tundra continent above

Solid tundra continent below


The desk is composite plastic wood

and I sit dulled by continents and metros



A cool breeze

A cool caress rising across the back of my neck


seasoned in this soft air is the inlay of sun

The cool breath of beach air

the waving grass and hazy blacktop

The sparkling warmth of spring!

Turning suddenly Through the dingy window

holding treaded paths

and from my seat is communicated

a space of blue sky cracking the sheet above

clarity striking the pines and the tar roof house


How many others have looked out this window?

How many others have wandered the brambles

and branches in their minds

The Viney White Roman Pillars

in the blur of these old window’s grime

How many have, after winter’s mute, felt in surprise on their neck,

the soft breath of euphoric spring?