Grivo the Foxian Alien (2)

He sized up the human.

She could be a bounty hunter, or some rare collector out to fry my insides and take my skin back to Talfor…. After my escape, I wouldn’t expect the Talformadorians to regard me kindly.

But would they send a human? How would it have followed her?

Hey I’m the one doing the thinking here!


The human’s pink skin was bruised and slashed. Yet it looked sort of cute laying there, breathing silently on the ground as if it had fallen asleep.

I don’t think I could live with myself if I killed it…not until I knew if it was trying to fry my brains or not. Grivo thought

Grivo looked around to make sure his internal monologue wasn’t watching and lifted her up.

The yellow couch along the wall was very big for him. It doubled as a double bed, but for the human it was a perfect twin.

The fox creature known as Grivo was for the most part anthropomorphic, standing upright came comfortably unless he needed to run fast. Yet what he lacked was very dextrous hands. His hands sported an “opposable” thumb. It was more of a side-osable thumb but he could grip most things. He did so on the human’s arm and tried to lift it up to carry to the yellow couch. His feet were no more than somewhat elongated paws that were planted on the ends of short legs and a round torso. His arms were in proportion…of course they are he told himself.

In addition to his otherwise humanoid features he had an elongated face at the nose and mouth, two large ears, eyes with catlike irisis, and a large fluffy tail. He was covered in a coat of fur which matched the color of the skin underneath. White on the underbelly with a red “coat” that went up to the end of his tail where it terminated in a white tip. The red and white marlboro cap matched his fur. he wore it backwards between his ears and a tuft of red hair protruded from the snaps on the back. He had acquired it in one of his trading deals from a human.

The scar of a gash remained where a claw had torn down under his eye and across his lip.

He strained and pulled the human, but it’s dead weight was a lot and he was out of shape.

I can do this. He thought. I am not out of shape!

He managed to lift the human’s torso over his head with a cry of exertion and made it two steps towards the couch before his muscles gave way and the weight of the creature came over him.  He scrambled out from underneath and began to pull the human awkwardly across the room. It wasn’t heavy set, but it was heavy dead weight.

He brought her to the yellow couch and threw it’s arms over onto the cushions, lifted it’s head up and on so that it sort of slouched at a backwards 90 degree position.

“Hmm” he thought out loud, taking a step back to figure a logistically convenient way to get her on the couch.

He grabbed the human around the midsection along the section under the arms. It’s soft underbelly could be felt in his claws as Grivo lifted it up and got half of the creature onto the couch.

He fell into the human at an awkward way. He jumped back and wondered.

Is this a male or a female human?

He scratched his chin and scrutinized it’s body.

On TV they all looked kind of similar, but the Females wore different clothes from the Males. This one dressed like a Male would…But of course Grivo knew that the broadcasts were thousands of years old. Yeah so what!?

He was not even sure there were just two genders. The Jelfranions have seven different genders and thus requite seven partners to make a new Jelfranion. This stupefied most of the universe’s biologists but everyone agreed that the more difficult it was to make a new Jelfran the better. The Jelfranions are huge intergalactic predators that eat stars.

Then it all became clear to him. He could find out it’s gender and get it up on the couch at the same time. The human was slumped over and only the lower half and the legs needed to get up onto the yellow couch.

Okay. There is only one way to efficiently get this human up on the couch…and solve the quandaries that so wrack my mind…for science!

He told himself, looking at the perfect hold at the crotch.

He tried to orientate how his hands would accomplish this feat in the most polite, yet scientifically sound method. A bead of sweat fell from his forehead as he turned his head from side to side to find the best place on the human’s booty to lift.

Finally he settled on a way and put one of his paws to the human’s side and lifted up from between it’s legs to get the posterior up. he struggled against it’s weight and then turned, using his back to lift with his legs.

Hmm…yup…Def-definitely female. He thought as he pushed.

The human’s body acted perfectly according to the physics of the situation and now kneeled backwards on the couch.

Grivo took a distance and nervously rubbed his paws together before gingerly turning her around in a sitting position.

That’s how humans sleep right? Grivo thought.


He jumped up on the couch next to her, nervously glancing over at her unconscious form. For a moment she sat with her head upright but her head tilted back and her red curls fell over the back of the couch as her mouth fell open and a snore erupted from her nasal cavity.

Grivo looked forward and thought the moment was going rather well.

He picked up the clicker and turned the TV on. “I Love Lucy” was still playing and it appeared the two…

Grivo looked over the human next to him.

the two Female humans were eating as much of a chocolate substance as they could while it rapidly appeared from the wall on a conveyor belt.

He had divined several things about human society from the show. One was that their planet’s surface must have been toxic or full of dangerous predators because they never appeared outside the confines of their houses or workplaces. This meant that they likely lived in a vast network of tunnels and caves.

Secondly he realized that they were territorial creatures where…Females were dominant. Why else in a tunnel society would women control the living spaces when space in a cave network is so valuable. The males even had to announce their presence when entering their territory as exemplified by Ricky’s  “LUCY I’M HOOME”

Grivo looked over at the human woman asleep on the couch.

What if she’s some kind of ruler! used to a thousand male slaves tending to her? He thought. She might expect me to act in a position beneath her. Or eat me!

Terror struck Grivo before he remembered that the ancient humans might have been territorial, but the few humans he had met in his travels were fairly normal…in a galactic melting pot sort of way. He was sure some of the humans he had met were female….at least one or two.

Grivo decided that he was not an anthropologist and enjoyed watching the human’s on the screen struggle to fit all the candies in their mouths within their small cheeks. If the human turned out to be dangerous he would deal with the situation. Until then…ancient TV and…pinball.



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