Silent shifting among the brambled infrastructure,

Grey and green illumine along striking reds and fast yellows,

Walls with eyes rise ever ever into the full fading sky:

The daily grey, Nighttime’s orange glow.

The hot wind directs through channels,

Sulfur exhaust oxide methl detra decamine.

It spreads its vines and with mashing bashing cutting digging claws,

It pulls the earth towards it.

The great Malignin.

The Abscess of Humanity.

The culmination of culture, the gasious mix of all creeds and nations in torrid chaotic harmony.

A man stands at the ledge of the fifty seventh floor,

A woman wears a trashbag,

A man conducts a symphony,

A woman buys a coffee,

A man puts on makeup,

A woman looses her mind,

People aggragate and disperse.

Those you know and see again

Those you’ve never met and see over and over.






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