It was a crisp autumn sunset. The trees blazed against the sky and waves of wind ran through the grass, sending the endless leaves swooping through the air. The tremor of winter hung silent and foreboding in the pall of closing eventide. The field stretched far and wide under the great hill that stood before it. The space sitting alone and serene.
It was then we two came up the mound before the field and viewed the potential.  I and her, we warriors of the plane, left the world behind us. Her yellow hair cascaded behind her and filled with the golden sunlight as we made over the crest. She held in her hand the discus. We stood for a moment before the field. The cool gust swept by. And with a mutual smile I sprinted down the hill and let my feet carry me far out into the grassy sea.
She released the saucer and it soared spinning with perfection, gilding magically through the autumn air. I kept my course and already my companion seemed like a dot on the far hill. The white circle spiraling towards a point before me, catching air currents and moving ever closer. All was a pregnant breath: my body operating on sight and judgment of this one object. All thought and contemplation of all time and space meant nothing to me as the grass rushed by.
Then, as if toying with me, a huge gust drove the Frisbee wide and far off in another direction. It arced towards the road. As if possessed I responded. The ground became uneven, corrugating in waves. My footing was thrown off, and the point that I imagined the disc would land seemed to grow farther and farther than my legs could carry. None the less, I persevered. I drove each leg and each step with all speed and ferocity that I could muster. Another gust thrust the disc upwards, gaining in speed and distance. I was no longer calculating for it, but chasing it.
I did not think I would catch it, but I could still see it, and to keep it from being lost was somehow all I could think about. Across the hard road and into the standing trees I ran against the twigs and leaves as color rained down around me. Eventually It became lost from sight and I stopped running. Leaves flew all around and I merely walked in the same direction.
It was after a few moments that through the trees, I came upon a sight. Standing in the woods just beyond a pond covered in autumn leaves was a Statue of Helios holding a great golden disk. It shined as a ray of sunlight fell through the trees. It was at that moment that the Frisbee came and hit the golden saucer. The color drained from it, and It’s power was imparted. I picked it up and threw it high into the air, It found Kay, and a new day began.

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