In b4 2015

Well, we don’t have hover cars, but thats probably a good thing because we already crash a lot with just roads and highways, I can’t imagine what it would be like if crazy drivers from Jersey had a whole other axis of motion to cut me off with.

The same could be said for hover boards (to all those disappointed with Back to the Future II never panning out)

We don’t live in glass bubbles high above the earth (well most of us) and antibiotics are quickly becoming less effective. The fires of international relations and racial tensions are rising around us. As China moves ahead the economy is still crap and we are not getting any closer to climate justice (likely because of the widespread apathy that pervades from cheeseburgers).

The problems of last year are still with us, but at least we don’t have to worry about reducing hover car related death rates.

Overall what can we say to the passing of another arbitrarily valued day? Why does the new year need to begin in winter? Our lives move another step together and for at least one moment, everybody becomes aware of a moment in time as it arises and passes. Alike, we arise and we too will pass just as suddenly.  But don’t let that get you down:

“Life is the rose’s hope while yet unblown, the telling of an ever changing tale, the light uplifting of a maiden’s veil…”

May the new year leave you yet unblown, May you add another chapter to your tale, May you lift many veils of your choosing.

Happy new Year.


(excerpt from a poem by John Keats)

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