Procedure is everywhere

Going through a planet’s atmosphere requires many considerations to do properly. Only a handful of pilots can actually successfully pull it off. The most key tip is to make damn sure you go in at the right speed and angle, however once made sure of, all external electronics need to be switched off, including the thrusters. In the interment of insane calculations and the atmosphere, there is about five minutes of pure heat and turbulence. If there is one flap or crack with the slightest weakness, it will be ripped off and end up encasing everyone in molten metal alloys.

When you do finally drop through, it’s like a brick going faster than terminal velocity. After that all that’s left is to pray to whatever cosmic or spiritual force you believe in that the thrusters come back online before you smash like a comet into the ground…or gas…or horrible acid sea that could be waiting for you.

The worst part however is that most spaceship insurance companies don’t cover atmospheric entry “mishaps”.

It is for these reasons that most planetary rest stops are in orbit, or affixed to the spaceway using programs and independent propulsion. Most planets have an automated atmospheric entry procedure available to install, for a nominal fee of course.

“250,000 Credits!” Squeaked Grivio into the comlink as he smashed a balled fist into the dashboard. “Two-hundered-and-fifty-THOUSAND-credits.” Repeated Grivo, now standing on the edge of his seat.

“Yes sir, that is the fee.” Came the voice of a cool woman.

“That is ridiculous! On Gervaldi 1, it’s only 20,000, and that’s the most popular satellite in the whole system!”

“Sir I’m not going to get into economics with you.” said the woman on the other end of the comlink. “If you don’t want to pay, there is a rest area in orbit next to the gate.”

Grivo smashed his fist against the dash again. “I don’t want to stop at the rest…place. I want to land.”

“then sir, you must pay the protocol fee or attempt a manual landing.”

Grivo groaned loudly and switched off the comlink. He closed his eyes and sighed.

“Looks like were gonna have to do a manual entry.” Said grivo

Lynda in the passenger seat slowly swiveled her chair around. “Excuse me?”

“Well, it’s for you” said grivo “Besides, I don’t have even half of that money.”

“Well I’m not sure I even want to go, if some goddamned furry lunatic wants to try to bring us in on just instruments.” Lynda crossed her arms.

“If you have enough to pay it” said Grivo “There are plenty of opportunities to make it back down there.”

Lynda scoffed. “Crimes. You mean crimes?”

“There is barely any law to transgress in the first place.”

“That’s your business.” Said Lynda

“MY business. Do you want to see earth?”

Lynda turned away. “yes.”

“Well the only way is if you pay, or I fly.”

“Fine. I’ll pay. But only because I want to wash the stink of that horrable planet off.”

“So we’re in agreement.”

Lynda rolled her eyes and leaned on her elbow by the window. “The moon must be desperate for money. A clear sign of inflation, which would mean plenty of opportunities. That or they don’t want visitors.”

“Whatever.” said Grivo, clicking the comlink back on.

“Ganymede entry services, how may we assist.” returned the voice of the woman.

“We’re paying the toll.” Said grivo

“But if any mishaps occur from your procedure-” said Lynda

“Ganymede entry services are not responsible for any mishaps that may occur due to faulty programing or user error.”


To be continued…

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