Grey is my heart and grey is my mind,

grey is my view on days gone by.

A mist of vapid mystery.

Each moment is a grey droplet swirling around me

grey  in color, grey in emotion, grey in impact

I age like a tree among them.

Lines and creases deepening into my animal form

Growths and hair sprouting

The pain and joy mixing in like scars.

I am a concoction, a chemical, a mist among mist.

All that I can grasp is grey, all I am is grey

the mist disperses me.

Yet just beyond my reach, in the next hour, in the next day

is the phantasm of all simple color and vibrancy

I am chasing it like childhood across the vapid land

And as the mist grows heavier

Like a tree I will stand.

And reach my fading arms towards

the sky beyond the clouds.

. <—scifi serial story. <—-Maybe another poem.

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