The thoughts swell in my head drowning out the fading light of my purpose.The signal fails and the path is an exhausted sand. Footsteps stumbling down a corridor of snagging spikes and tugging prickers tearing at my body into a past places with only one conclusion at my destiny.

I carry a stone strapped to my back through the winding tunnel of brambles. My burden to bear, It is a blank weight that tells nothing but it’s presence. It grows with each step I take, with each hope I hold, with each attempt to find the liquifying light ahead, It’s weight is that of nothingness, a blank weight, it coils around my body and paralyzes the fire of spite and hatred strength within me. That hatred, that love, that desire beyond that world of those who watch peril with clouded eyes. I regard them cloudedly. I stumble through my world with a crushing gravity stunting my ability. Holding me back from weaving through the world

the weight of the stone, the pain of the thorns, the dumb eyes of the world. The way to the light is within me. The will, the ability is there but I cannot tap it, I can only watch and strain each step as though it were my last a thousand times over.

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