Secondary Characters

My favorite characters have always been the secondary comic relief characters who are usually the main character’s best friend.

The comic relief characters never seem very smart usually but things seem to work out for them, depending on what kinda movie (or story) it is. The thing is they don’t get “the girl” or find anything to substantial or fulfilling for themselves, but they are glad as hell  when their friend (the main character) works through their problems. Maybe it’s because  they aren’t looking for any fulfillment or love, or maybe they are only hiding the fact that they have nothing but themselves. To the Funny secondary characters, there is an underlying desperation about them that intrigues me because it’s way more human. It is because despite the trials and victory of the main hero, that ability to make light of the situation with a joke, blissfully unaware in silliness is a kind of enlightenment.

They aren’t a main force or a decider, they don’t question where they are, they go with wherever they are taken. They fill a role rather  than upset order, offering commentary on the struggles between villains and heroes, no matter which side they are on. The desperation is in their desire to achieve something, to do something meaningful, but not know the way. They want to be the hero but retain a doubt, a more encompassing perspective that seems like it’s always holding them back. It is the fear they have that they have no bearing on the world that isn’t by accident or a foolish blunder. They only make things happen when they aren’t trying to make things occur, and Their efforts to help are always met with imposable challenges that go awry.

Hero’s and Villains, despite whatever ideals they strive for, can only be concerned with their struggle, where those around them enter and exit. Both are kind of selfish and crazy in their own way because they use others to meet their goals. Comic relief’s are loyal to a fault and although they want the same things as their hero, they will never get the recognition or the acclaim.

The lone comic relief could be seen as a depressing character, comedy, in the infinite ironies of the universe, seems to be based on the contrast that great tragedy must be so. Alas, it is those people who make the world brighter that are likely more aware of the darkness. And only hope can we realize the secondary character finds their time to be a hero.

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