People learn from what they hear, from what other people say, and they base a way they think the world should be run because of what was told to them. They adapt that moral compass to make their own “beliefs” that of those they are told to believe is cool or confident, and in turn conform like a group’s belief.

The whole concept of this morality, of a hierarchy of preferred events or actions is altogether inconsistent with reality for only one sequence of events can happen (period). There is only what does happen and what does not happen. Events which happen have the effect in the real world while those potential events which did not happen only exist in the world of the one who has abstained from acting.

It is in so far that the options in how one can act as concepts are white noise, a sputtering in the non-existant world of our minds which prevents real action from occurring; prevents events from shaping our world.

Yet we prescribe to one track of thinking and fight those who oppose what we have internalized to be true and correct.

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