Well, I was writing something before in a very fine writing roll while enjoying a glass of wine (the latest in a long historical line of wine glasses) when I accidentally hit a button that I did not want to and it all was whisked away to the digital enigma that’s whizzing by (and through) our heads. Not that I said much worthwhile, because it seems no matter how hard I could try, nothing I  could say will ever reach that point where I can be like “welp, i’ve just about said it all.”, but that’s a platitude which i can’t zap any life into.

Either way before I try to  explain what I was going to originally talk about, I need to address the filter in which you may be…with which you ARE reading what I’m writing. Your in a mode of thinking where you may think your open, but really your judging exactly what i’m saying right now.

I can prove it by acknowledging that we all have fetishes and likely think we’re crazy. I don’t think I’m crazym but I cant ever be sure because.. well, if you’re 100% positive that you are a normal sane functioning human in the ideal wonderful world of society…You are actually fucking nuts and I hope I never meet you.

I’ve always been a firm believer that anyone who can’t admit that thy are insane are much more insane than the people who can admit it.

We all have quarks and things. well I hope so  anyway.

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