“I remember when the snow fell” She said looking up through the glowing window. The grey light fell across her lap, the finely quilted blanket that covered her was torn slightly under her clouded fingernails. The lint gathered grey under cloudy nails under grey light. 

“I remember the flakes falling. We were so happy to see them. What could be more beautiful than a crisp white winter world. Yet- I only remember the color of the roses. I watched in the garden as the cold crystals rested on the petals. But it never stopped, it kept comming. And the cold only got colder and all the colors of the world were drained, and all the color was lost.”

I watched her as a tear trailed through the wrinkles. The silver tear rolling down the valleys before lighting against the top of her upper lip. Within the droplet, a spiral of soft chalky red was drawn from her soft skin. Slowly gahering as it passed across her red lips, it hung at the corner of her mouth before falling to the blanket leaving a spot of red in the grey.

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