My best gal.

“The wine is quite good.”

“pardon me?”

“I say- I say the wine is quite good.”

“Oh you think so?”

“Indeed I do.”

“Well it’s always good to hear that a man’s wine is appreciated after all the time and effort taken to pick the dandelions off the side of the highway.”

“Excuse me?”

“Oh yeah, it’s dandelion wine.”

“Really? i didn’t know you could make wine from dandelions.”

“Oh absolutely, Ive been making it since I was 10.”

“that is something.”

“Yep- And I haven’t been sober since.”

The man let out a horse laugh and the scent of fermenting liver and pipe weed emerged forth and entered sharply into the taster’s nose.

“I say, the aroma of your dying innards pares well with the wine.”

“Oh thank you sir, I really do try to maintain my demise as vigorously as my wines.”

“So do you only make dandelion wine?”


“I say do you only make dandelion wine?”

“As far as I can tell.”

“Well…alright that should do for the sacrament anyway.”

“Always a pleasure to aid the clergy”

The year was 1930 and vaudeville was all the rage, the Sachemo kid and Kimmy Rats Bottoms toured the world-round performing their famous dandelion-wine-clergy skit. Tragically they died in an accident when 150 bullets riddled their car from the precision rifles of the G-men on the trail of Bonny and Clyde. Our fearless G-Men got them in the end though and just goes to show that there is no cost too great for our feds to stop the outlaw and the spread of communism.



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