It was a clear day. The boulevard was bustling in the midday traffic of cars and commuters. One figure waited at the top of the arch on the texico bridge. She sat on a green metal bench looking over James river barges. The calm waves caught the sun and light reflected from the buildings on either side.

She wore a long black coat and nursed a coffee as she looked over the water in the cradling sound of buses, footsteps, and jabbering people. Her steely grey eyes scanned through the scene before her. A lone cloud drifted far off over the ocean beyond the buildings.

Her track phone buzzed in her back left pocket. She produced it and looked at the message.

“Now” was all it said.

She sighed and stood up, finished her coffee and walked towards the railing. The water was far below. A barge passed beneath her and disappeared under the bridge. She put her coffee down on the railing, lifted her foot up and jumped. The traffic behind her seemed not to notice as the waves rushed up to her. She straightened herself out and felt the impact of the water like concrete.

She felt herself immersed below the waves. Her black coat and red hair drifting above her She looked up to see the rippling wold she left and then down to the floor. The James river was hazy, but her eyes closed.

When they reopened, a fine film covered her lenses and the water was clear as day.

Her body was not too badly hurt. She would have some bruises, but it was nothing she couldn’t fix. Her coat wrapped around her  and became an outer layer of skin. Three fine slits opened on her ribs and she drew in a clammy breath of oxygen. Gills always freaked her out, but it was better than drowning.

A large mass glided beneath her. It was dark, and hummed quietly as it slid through the water below.

She pushed towards it with her hands and kicked with her feet. With each push she gained more power as they transformed into great fins, catching all the water she could. The sound of the water moving around her ears and the hum of the submarine’s engines were all that came to her as she moved. her body was one with he medium of locomotion. She moved like an otter towards the nearing machine.

It loomed, head on before her, and she made towards it. The submarine pushed through the water with power and when they neared, she was forced over the top. She let the current slide her over the body of the ship. The tower neared her and she grabbed hold of an antenna as it came up to her. Her hands changed and she pulled her way down towards the airlock door at the top of the tower.

With suctioned feet she positioned herself over the door and twisted the wheel above the cover. There was a muffled click through the water and the door flew open in a burst of water. She slipped inside with the sudden suction of water and closed the door behind her.

The alarms were blaring within the confines of the sub, but muffled by the water in the airtight chamber. The sudden whirring of machines did not affect her as the room began to drain of water. Her form shifted back into that of the red haired woman with the long black coat and glasses. The water dipped below her neck and she took in a breath of air from her nose in preparation. The last of the water was sucked away except for the thin stagnant puddles on the metal floor.

Her eyes flashed under her brow as the metal door in front of her Slid suddenly down.

Two men in green kayaks stood at the threshold. One carried a toolbox while the other sported a sub machine gun. They both were surprised to see the woman standing there.

She brushed off her black coat and said nothing.

The man with the SMG raised it up and moved towards her. “Who are you! How did you get in here?” he said in challenge.

“My name is Adalie” she quietly said.

The man grabbed her by the collar, aiming the gun up against her stomach. He hoisted her ahead of him and swiftly pushed her ahead and through the threshold into the red-lit diving room.

“Radio the bridge.” the man with the gun said to the mechanic. The mechanic put his box down and went to an intercom on the wall. We’re gonna take a trip to the bridge to see what the captain want’s to do with you.”

Adalie said nothing and quietly moved down the corridor with the man’s wishes.

The Mechanic with the toolbox clicked the button on the intercom.

“Intruder sighted and captured, moving to the bridge.” He said and let the button un-click for a pause.

“Rodger” a crackly voice responded through the speaker after a few moments. “Proceed and bring the prisoner to Block B”

The guard lead her through a maze of small red lit corridors lined with pipes and valves. Here and there a work station would be illuminated with blue light around computers.  The maze continued until they came before a door with blue stenceled letters marked BLOCK B. Adalie would not have been able to find it withought the guard’s help.

The door opened after a moment and the guard pushed her inside. Adalie felt the gun pressing into her back. Before her was a man in a long bottle green coat looking at a series of monitors . His hair flared up on either side of his head and he tilted his head to the side.

“How did you get in here?” he said as the door closed behind Adalie and the guard.

Adalie said nothing. But waited.

The guard pressed the gun hard into her back. “ANSWER!” he said. But at that moment his face contorted into stark disbelief. The gun was being absorbed into her back. Through the black coat like some kind of amorphis liquid.

“Wha-” the guard began to say until a long silver spike grew quickly out from Adalie’s elbow through the man’s jaw and head before silently sliding back in.

“It’s best you answer my question or-” the captain said as he turned. He beheld the sight of the guard falling to the ground and blood pooling quickly around his gruesome head wound. The SMG he formally held emerged from Adalie’s chest and into her steady hands.

“WHAT WHAT ARE YOU!” the captain stammered.

“I am Adalie.” said Adalie. Before her human hand twitched the trigger back. A hail of bullets riddled the captain through his gut, through his hair, through his bottle green coat. A hail of bullets riddled through the monitors in great electric arcs accompanied small pooping explosions.

The man fell against the console and the screens fizzed out leaving nothing but running blood and electronic smoke.

Adalie dropped the SMG and stepped calmly over to the console. She threw the captain to the ground with a dead thud. She reached out her hand into the console and began to shift her hand. She felt the inner workings of the Electrical systems, the digital pathways, the information stored there. The armed missals in the bay awaiting orders.

She deactivated the arming codes and her hand slithered through the circuits and wiring until she found the internet relay.  She pressed her arm further into the computers and felt her fingertips as digital information sent to space and back down to wherever the secure server was.

“A proxy” she said. The server relayed and relayed until she was certain where the signal came from. She was halfway into the computer before she grasped hold of the information on the elusive hard drive. She pulled it out, creating a 64 megabyte SD card next to her heart to store the information. Her arm acted like a siphon, bringing the code back into herself.

When complected she proceeded to then pull back and send a message to her employer.


There was a pause.


Was the reply.

It needed no further explanation. She redirected the path of the submarine, re-armed the missiles and set them to self destruct and withdrew from the computer.

the door opened. Seven guards were at the door. Adalie changed into a fox and bounced around the cabin as bullets flew around the interior. She was agile and darted beneath them around the bullets. The guard in front tracked her with her SMG in frustration, holding the trigger down. Adalie darted through the other guards as the one in front fired into them at point blanc. The sounds of them faded back as  Adalie stretched her legs out and ran back through the maze she had recalled from before.

Alarmed crewmen jumped back or looked perplexed to see an animal running through the sub.

She made her way back to the airlock. Returned to her human shape and opened the airlock. Guards pounded down the hallway towards her. the door opened slowly. She turned back to see one unexpected crewmen fire a pistol at her with a pop. The bullet ricocheted across her ribs. She winced in pain before becoming a bolt of pure energy. She bounced down the hallway towards the crewman who fired his remaining six shots in panic before being evaporated by Adalie.

The door fully opened and she jumped inside closing the airlock and   awaited it to fill with water. She tapped her foot.

“I don’t have time for this.” she said as the water rose.

There was a halt in the whirring machinery. the water began to descend once more. The guards were trying to keep her from getting away.

“Forget this” She said before mustering all her ability and becoming electricity.

She shot up along the metal walls and radiated herself out into the water. Re-congealed, with gills and all, and swam back to the surface of the James river.

The sub exploded far below the surface and a shock wave ripped through the current until a great splash emitted from the water.

Adalie smiled and pulled herself out of the water on a nearby jetty.

She assumed her form as the red haired girl with the long coat and black framed glasses. Walked to the base of the Jetty, onto the street, down the corner to a small cafe. A man sat there.

“Your late.” he said, smiling.

“Sorry John. I had some business call come in.” she said, kissing her boyfriend and taking her seat across from him on the bistro.

“I ordered for you. Where do you work anyway?” John said. “You never told me.”

“Oh it’s boring office work.” She said just as the waiter came out with two cocktails.

“For Madame and Monsieur we have a-” The waiter in all his elegance tripped over a loose cobblestone. John moved to keep him from falling over the table. The drinks began to fall, yet Adalie stretched her arms and caught both of the glasses in her hands just before they spilled. John laughed and the waiter said “My apologies.”

Thats when they noticed the unspilled beverages.

“Wow. Good reflexes for an office jockey.” Said john

Adalie Smiled.