Time to get it together

oH LOOK AT THAT,  seems like it’s Monday, You wake up and cant get rid of the feeling that all your insides are dry and dying. You have inexplicable bruises on your leg and strange marks on your arms. The room is a mess with clothes, dirty laundry, papers and all those living materials which seem to loose all significance at an 11:00 hangover. Your missing your keys but you’re pretty sure there somewhere in the corner of this one room at the house you vaguely remember. Ugg and that whole point when the person you were hitting on in a drunken slurr just told you to stop. Well there’s a great feeling to wake up to.

But it’s not like you can spend the whole day recollecting your life, NO sir. You have a whole lot of work to do, laundery, a few papers to write, and obligations to fulfill before the sun sets and another day passes.

So what do you do? You lay in bed feeling gross and full of regret for a while.


BUT THEN you get up, shamble over to the mirror and look yourself with your own bloodshot eyes looking at yourself in the eyes and say.



“Today is the day I get my shit together.”



The laundry you left scattered in various stages of being cleaned are the only close you have that aren’t covered in the weekend residue. Use all your willpower to collect and prepare the scattered articles like the fragments of drunken memories that come back to you. Pick a tie or some slacks to wear, Your gonna look your best for the big comeback.

Take a shower- The residue of irresponsible living is revolting to you WASH OFF THE PAIN.

Shave- silky smooth

Brush teeth- Get the yellow out of here

Eat- Most important meal


Well at least some of the colour had returned to your skin.

Now get out there and change the world!


Save the memory of this day because you know next week you’ll be saying the same thing.