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I salute you. Thanks to all my followers and readers, you are great!


So, For those of you who have been waiting for more Sci Fi fox or Good & Evil, I should not, but I must make the same unfortunate excuse as anyone who makes comics, that it takes a while. Since I’m not much in the way of drawing, It’s not that I’m working on one page for all this time, but I hope to put up many pages at once at once rather than keep the story so segmented for both. Issue 2 of G & E will be done soon. It’s a couple pages longer, But I will reboot the past issue with it.

Anyway, if you like my writing at all, please don’t hesitate to let me know. If you don’t like my writing, well, no one asked you. If you don’t have the attention span to read, then I guess I can only blame you for being uncultured swine. Since the majority of people rarely read past the first sentence, this is kind of an inside joke right now between you and me (hehe).
I made this poster, more comics will be soon, for now I leave you with space police:




Here We have Myself And mi Amego Fast Fingers Fitch, The first song was written by yours truly and sung by Fast fingers. This was The Dog’s Meow at the Collabrative music project at Green Mt Collage. Band’s were randomly chosen and had one week to come up with a set. The Dog’s meow made up of Jason “dragon harp” Pratley and…George fast fingers Fitch.
(wammer jammer jam) (Right angle sleep) (Long Grey Mare [Fleetwood mac]) (Bring it on home [Led Zepplen])

The Sea

At what point do we realize that we defy the elements around us.
and at what point do we stop beating the drums and we let the chaos surround us.


What’s stopping you from breaking free and declaring the world’s insidious.

patrolling notions that we care not for the weakness,

of the tattered emotions: alone in the sea driving into the ocean,

trying to throw dice in the grips of the vices like their loaded.


The world slides across the glass and if you look hard you can start to see the grass,

in the reflection of the sun on the spangled dresser.

Alone, the world gets a little heavier, the nights seem to become lesser.

The haze of people and the thumping beat,

drowns out the sorrows of the loneliness where we must retreat.


And as you take another pull the people seem a little shadier, the night grows a little angrier.

Looking around the silence of  the glitter, the broth in the soup we seek grows thicker.


Trying to find the one in the alphabet, Let’s us just be,

Well i suppose you keep paddling into that sea,

not just for pleasure or pain but to find what the hell we’re on.

and if you need something to keep you going how can that be wrong?


If you take my hand I’ll take yours too and we’ll drift away into the wide open blue.


The space and breath of time is a cyclical fallacy

contradictions roll across our tongues and vaporize  instantaneously

peace is a turbulence all of it’s own and freedom’s the chain that’s rolling the stone.


One plus one is two but If you take my hand I’ll take yours too.


And at what point is the frame rate gonna slow down

and the trails that rise from our minds wont assail us down

and At what point can we stop the creation

and when do we realize it’s all just instantaneous gratification.


At what point do we realize that we defy the elements around us.
and at what point do the drums stop beating and we let the chaos surround us.


If you take my hand I’ll take yours too